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Are Your Vision & Values Clear?
Is your team aligned around the vision?

Vision & Values

Do You Need Better Results for Strategy Planning?  

Vision Workshop (2 DAYs)
  • Self-Awareness of Leaders 
  • A Trusted and Cohesive Team 
  • Organizational Clarity and Focus
  • Criteria for Decision Making
  • Develop Vision, Strategy and Guided Principles 
  • Goals that Support the Objectives
  • Strategy Action Plan
  • Accountability & Communication Plan of Action
  Included in the Workshop
  • Online TriMetrix HD Assessments for the Leadership Team (up to 12) 
  • 2 days set aside to personally interview 12 people 
  • Face to face or over the telephone 
  • Limited pre-design time for workshop 
  • Workshop binders and materials for Leadership Team 
  • LT Consultants will handle producing an after-workshop 
  • Vision and Strategic Action Plan
  Outline of Topics Covered

Create a Committed Leadership Team
Utilizing Online Assessment Results*

  • Understanding each individuals’ behaviors. 
  • Understanding its impact on roles 
  • Understanding the motivators and drivers…how I make decisions
  • Understanding the team’s strengths 
Create and Share the Vision
  • Why are we here? 
  • What do we do?
  • What are our values?
Create the Strategic Plan
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How will we measure it?
Create the Accountability Structure
  • What does our organizational chart say?
  • What roles do we need?
  • Who will be accountable for what?
  • How will we ensure we follow through?

Vision and Values Workshop

Average Investment
$16,000 - $20,000

Based on the participant numbers and tasks listed

Request more information or a custom quote tailored for your needs

*All programs require assessments to be done in the first ½-day to enable the individuals to become self-aware of their own behaviors and how they add or detract to the team. 

Example of Results


Family-owned franchise.  Create a strategic plan to ensure generational alignment with Vision and Values   


To increase revenues and profits, minimize family conflict.


Identified each owner’s why and purpose for the company.  Uncovered the core values that were used for decision making.  Created a 10-year Vision in alignment with their whys and values.  Set a 3-5-year goal.  Using “The Advantage” model by Patrick Lencioni, the team identified the most important thing to do next.  Created the thematic goal for the next 12 months that impacted all leaders.  Action plans created around objectives with accountability owners.  


After first year 53% increase in revenues year over year with significant profitability.  Revenues continue to increase at 14-15%; profitability.