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Is Your Vision Clear?
Professional strategy planning helps bring new ideas, dreams and best-practice strategies to support the vision.

Strategic Visioning & Planning

Do You Need Better Results for Strategy Planning?  

Vision Workshop (2.5 DAYs)
  • Self-Awareness of Leaders 
  • A Trusted and Cohesive Team 
  • Organizational Clarity and Focus
  • Criteria for Decision Making
  • Develop Vision, Strategy and Guided Principles 
  • Goals that Support the Objectives
  • Strategy Action Plan
  • Accountability & Communication Plan of Action

  Included in the Workshop
  • Online TriMetrix HD Assessments for the Leadership Team (up to 12) 
  • 2 days set aside to personally interview 12 people 
  • Face to face or over the telephone 
  • Limited pre-design time for workshop 
  • Workshop binders and materials for Leadership Team 
  • LT Consultants will handle producing an after-workshop 
  • Vision and Strategic Action Plan

  Outline of Topics Covered

Create a Committed Leadership Team
Utilizing Online Assessment Results*

  • Understanding each individuals’ behaviors. 
  • Understanding its impact on roles 
  • Understanding the motivators and drivers…how I make decisions
  • Understanding the team’s strengths 
Create and Share the Vision
  • Why are we here? 
  • What do we do?
  • What are our values?

Create the Strategic Plan
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How will we measure it?
Create the Accountability Structure
  • What does our organizational chart say?
  • What roles do we need?
  • Who will be accountable for what?
  • How will we ensure we follow through?


Vision and Strategy 2.5 Day Workshop

Average Investment
$16,000 - $20,000

Based on the participant numbers and tasks listed

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*All programs require assessments to be done in the first ½-day to enable the individuals to become self-aware of their own behaviors and how they add or detract to the team. 

LT Consultants works with leadership teams to focus on execution and measurement for a practical return on investment. 

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