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Use an x-ray to supercharge your company's immune system and stay ahead of critical issues.

Stages of Growth

Once your Vision and Values are clear, we can help develop your growth strategy with TTI’s Stages of Growth Workshop for CEO’s and leaders.

We help CEOs predict how growth is impacting them, focus on the right things at the right time and adapt their leadership skills to the needs of their company.

Remove the guesswork for the CEO – provide a laser-like focus on critical internal issues that get glossed over in the midst of rapid growth

Accurately predict 6 - 18 months into the company’s future

Improve executive decision making by uncovering faulty assumptions about company behavior

Supercharge the company’s immune system by staying ahead of critical issues

Allow you to become a proactive leader by confidently preparing your staff to focus on the right issues at the right time.

Reduce chaos and give vision into your future so you can uncover and solve problems quickly, increasing your ability to create sustainable growth

The 7 Stages of
Entrepreneurial Growth
The 7 Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth
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10 Reasons to Get an X-Ray for Your Company Today

ONE: Lock onto your five greatest challenges. Create a collaborative team action plan to address them. Staff buy-in and progress will equal improved performance.

TWO: Target and prioritize your key issues. Identify your “People, Process, or Profit” areas of focus in order to get to the root cause of every issue.

THREE: Drive intentional focus to remove multiple agendas. Create momentum and start improving performance right away.

FOUR: Remove the hidden barriers that are causing performance to slump, people to disengage, and profits to dwindle.

FIVE: One of the greatest attributes of the X-Ray is improving leadership vision on the impact of growth, nurturing team alignment and focus on the ‘real’ issues of the day. Confidently predicting what is around the corner is a powerful benefit to any company.

SIX: The Non-Negotiable Rules uncover specific performance shortfalls and achievements in your businesses’ Stage of Growth. The NNR’s are accurate predictors of current and future performance. All companies suffer when the “Rules” are unheeded. By using the ‘Rules’ properly, intentionally managed growth is achieved.

SEVEN: Learn the importance and meaning behind your “builder/protector ratio” (your ‘confidence/caution quotient’). Find out why your leaders and employees are uncomfortable with change. Create an atmosphere of confidence with just the right amount of caution.

EIGHT: Create a ‘language of growth’ that will resonate with your key staff. This promotes defined, clear communications now and in the future.

NINE: Learn how to maximize your company’s ability to stay focused on the right things at the right time.

TEN: Determine if you are ‘running in front of your headlights’ and what that means to your business performance in 6 – 12 months.

Example of Results


Family-owned franchise.  Create a strategic plan to work together as an executive team to understand their obstacles to growth.   


To increase revenues and profits and align leadership team.


Using X-ray assessments, identified what and who were obstacles to growth.  As a leadership team identified the 5 key business challenges and checked that against their entrepreneurial stage of growth. 

After identifying the obstacles, created accountability-based action plans to focus on growth that was in alignment with the Vision and Values of the organization. 


Quarterly meetings held that are focused on objectives and accountability.  Leadership team aligned to Vision and growth. Steady growth occurring at a rate of 33%