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What Can I Do To Improve The Hiring Process?

Save time and money by identifying your
“Ideal Superior Performers”
through our patented Job Benchmarking Process

Job Matching

  What you receive:
  • One Job benchmark listing 7 competencies, 4 drivers and 4 behaviors required for Ideal Superior performance for the identified position. (This benchmark is good until the position requirements change.) 
  • Job Description with Key accountabilities and specific tasks broken down by priority and % of time required for the position
  • Customized interviewing guide (when used consistently the interview process complies with EEOC and OFCCP requirements.)
  Benefits and Features
When you use the Talent Management Process (TMP) for candidate screening, you learn much more about the talented people who apply for the work than a resume could ever reflect. These factors are all measured against what the job you are hiring for requires and rewards. 

This includes:
  • How they behave
  • What they are motivated by
  • What skills they truly possess
  How it works
  • Complete a job benchmark for the open position
  • Create a unique job link in TMP for applicants
  • Provide link to all applicants and post to job boards
  • Select best screened job-matched candidates

Are you ready for a breakthrough?