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Who Am I?

Uncover the hidden potential by empowering yourself and your teams through Assessments.


  What are online assessments?
Assessments reflect our own perceptions of who we are and how others perceive us. The results are based on your responses to short questionnaires. 

An assessment can help you understand why you make the decisions, how you communicate, how you perceive the world and what you are capable of doing.

  Are Assessments Used in Business?
Yes! Assessments are used to improve communication skills, develop leadership competencies, decide a new career path, or understand the best sales strategies.

Employers use assessments to analyze job requirements to help find the best match in a new employee, to help their employees work more effectively as a team, or to help employees communicate clearly with other employees or with clients.

  Why Do You Need Them?
Assessments help increase efficiency in teams, reduce turnover, improve communication, reduce workplace conflict and stress, identify best employees and grow them, and hire people ideals suited to the job – creating job match that pleases employers and employees, too.

 How Do They Work?
Assessments and surveys, specifically created to suit your business,are administered to identify strategic issues for your organization and to uncover personnel’s hidden talent and capabilities.

These instruments, from the premier training firm, Target Training International Ltd.™, are valuable tools for obtaining crucial decision-making information on behalf of top management. Strategic Issues, Online Behavioral Assessments, Organizational and Team Surveys reveal behaviors, values and skills that can identify strengths and challenges to be met in the steps to fulfill your firm’s strategies and objectives.

A Multi-Science Approach to Assessments

  •  A way to DISCOVER your talent?
  •  A system in place to ENGAGE your people?
  •  A method to ADVANCE your top performers?
  •  Metrics to measure PERFORMANCE?
Using one assessment could reveal the answer to one or two of these questions. But you would only see the partial picture. Multiple sciences progressively reveal more of the entire person
  • WHAT they do
  • HOW they do it
  • WHY they do the things they do.

We also embrace a philosophy that measures both the presence and absence of behavior, and acceptance and avoidance. We use a data pool of millions of individuals collected over several decades to further refine our assessments.

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