Liz Parker

"We would be honored to
meet with you and
work with your team."

-Liz Parker,
Liz Parker, Founder and Principal

My personal purpose and passion is to reignite leaders and teams using the most practical approach – thereby achieving their greatest return on investment.
  • Incorporated in 1999 in Hong Kong
  • Lived and worked Hong Kong for seven years
  • Serving clients in the US and as far as Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.
  • Expert facilitator of organizational processes in various business practices
These experiences are the basis for how I work with clients today.



Growth. Discovery Learning. Helping owners, leaders and teams to achieve their dreams.

Living by your truth.Operating by your values. Realizing your organization’s potential.

We commit to working with purpose, passion, and practicality...with organization and individuals.


  • TTI, Target Training International®
    CPBA – Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
    CPMA – Certified Professional Motivators Analyst
    CPHDA – Certified Professional HD (acumen) Analyst
  • LIM Ltd.® - Certified Learning Coach
  • Inside Out® and BMW - Certified Coach and Instructor
  • PPS International® and SyNet – Consultancy Consortium
Member Organizations
  • Vistage International Speaker
  • My Trusted Advisors Organization / Greenville, SC
  • Honorary Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts USA

Areas of Expertise

LT Consultants designs and implements programs utilizing organizational
surveys and assessments, team effectiveness and accountability,
as well as performance and change management. 

Global experience in Sales including strategy,
performance metrics and training facilitation. 

  • Strategic Visioning and Planning 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Change 
  • Performance and executive coaching 
  • Employee Engagement and Accountability 
  • Performance Management 
  • Team Alignment, Conflict Resolution and Development 
  • Competency Identification 
  • Sales Strategy, Alignment, Skills and Processes 
  • Problem Solving